ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 5 Scene 6

Welcome to our blog post ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 5, Scene 6 of William Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece, “Macbeth.” As dedicated learners and educators, we recognize the importance of unraveling the nuances of Shakespearean literature, which is why we’ve curated this comprehensive guide specifically tailored to the ISC curriculum.

Within this blog, we’ll explore Act 5, Scene 6, utilizing the meticulously crafted workbook provided by Morning Star publishers. Our objective is to not only present multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and detailed answers but also to foster a deeper comprehension of the play’s themes, characters, and linguistic complexities.

While our responses are structured based on the workbook, we encourage students to use this resource as a springboard for their own exploration. Shakespeare’s works offer rich layers of interpretation, inviting individual analysis. Therefore, feel empowered to adapt and personalize our insights to suit your unique learning style and needs.

Whether you’re striving for academic excellence or simply eager to unravel the depths of “Macbeth,” join us on this enlightening journey through Act 5, Scene 6. Let’s embark on an adventure where Shakespeare’s words transcend time, captivating minds across generations.

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Workbook Summary :

The last scenes in Act V alternate between Macbeth’s camp and Malcolm’s camp . They are brief scenes to show quick action which prepare the audience to the end of the play. This short scene takes place in Dunsinane before the castle. Malcolm, siward, Macduff and their soldiers enter the scene. Each one of them is carrying a pranch of a tree from Birnam Wood.

Show of strength: Malcolm tells his side that they are near the enemy camp. Now they should throw away the green boughs that they have been carrying till now. It will show the enemy the identity and numbers of Malcolm’s forces. Siward is asked to lead the first battalion of the army. Macduff and Malcolm would lead the second. Malcolm says:

You, worthy uncle,
Shall with my cousin your right noble son
Lead our first battle. Worthy Macduff and we
Shall take upon’s what else remains to do,
According to our order.

Siward is an experienced soldier. He says that soon they would crush the enemy. Macduff orders that the trumpets be blown to declare the battle. The sound of the trumpets should be the forerunners of destruction and death of the enemy.

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Workbook MCQs :

1. What are leavy screens’ referred to by Malcolm?
(a) The leaves worn by soldiers on their dress
(b) The Birnam woods
(c) The fears in their minds
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- (b) The Birnam woods

2. What does Malcolm tell his soldiers when they near the enemy camp?
(a) To discard their camouflage
(b) To immediately attack the enemy
(c) To keep the Birnam woods in their hands
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- (a) To discard their camouflage

3. Why does Malcolm ask his men to throw down the Jleavy screens’?
(a) They are of no use
(b) They are worn out and need to be replaced
(c) To show their identity and numbers to the enemy
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

4. According to Malcolm, who would lead the first attack on the enemy?
(a) Siward and his son
(b) Macduff and his son
(c) Lennox and Ross
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

Complete The Sentences :

1. Malcolm’s army throws away the boughs because he wanted to show the enemy the identity and numbers of Malcom‘s forces.

2. Malcolm assumes the royal we for the first time in the play because For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

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