ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 5 Scene 2

Welcome to our blog post ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 5, Scene 2 of William Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece, “Macbeth.” As dedicated learners and educators, we recognize the importance of unraveling the nuances of Shakespearean literature, which is why we’ve curated this comprehensive guide specifically tailored to the ISC curriculum.

Within this blog, we’ll explore Act 5, Scene 2, utilizing the meticulously crafted workbook provided by Morning Star publishers. Our objective is to not only present multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and detailed answers but also to foster a deeper comprehension of the play’s themes, characters, and linguistic complexities.

While our responses are structured based on the workbook, we encourage students to use this resource as a springboard for their own exploration. Shakespeare’s works offer rich layers of interpretation, inviting individual analysis. Therefore, feel empowered to adapt and personalize our insights to suit your unique learning style and needs.

Whether you’re striving for academic excellence or simply eager to unravel the depths of “Macbeth,” join us on this enlightening journey through Act 5, Scene 2. Let’s embark on an adventure where Shakespeare’s words transcend time, captivating minds across generations.

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Workbook Summary :

Chorus Scene : The scene takes place outside the castle of Macbeth. It is a chorus scene. It does not advance the action of the play; but gives us much information. The English army has reached the outskirts of Dunsinane. Macbeth is in his castle to defend himself against the invaders. Macbeth is reported by some to have gone mad; he is desperate and is fortifying Dunsinane from where he proposes to resist the approaching English army :

Great Dunsinane he strongly fortifies.
Some say he’s mad : others, that lesser hate him
Do call it valiant fury; but for certain
He cannot buckle his distemper’d cause
Within the belt of rule.

Scottish Nobles : Meanwhile, the Scottish nobles such as Menteith, Angus, Caithness and others have revolted against Macbeth and have deserted him. In this scene, Menteith is speaking to his friends who are going to join the English forces. He tells them that the English forces are led by Malcolm, Siward and Macduff. He is sure that all of them are eager to take revenge, as each one of them has suffered wrongs at the hands of Macbeth. The wrongs are so heart-rending that even an ascetic will be provoked to stir himself and call every one for a dreadful battle.

Position of Macbeth : Angus says that Macbeth cannot escape the consequences of the deadly murders he has committed. Revolts are taking place against his crimes and his treachery to Duncan and Banquo. His condition makes him feel that he is unfit to govern Scotland. His soldiers obey him out of fear and not out of love. He is like a small thief who has put on robes stolen from a giant. Macbeth has realised that his title of Kingship hangs loose about him like a dwarf wearing the robes of a giant.

The Scottish Lords feel Macbeth’s mind seems to be at revolt for being imprisoned in his wicked body. All of them offer their services to their lawful ruler. So they join Malcolm who is going to save the country from the tyranny of Macbeth. Therefore, they march towards the Birnam Wood.

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Workbook MCQs :

1. ‘What does the tyrant?’ Who is referred to as the tyrant in this linep
(a) Macduff
(b) Donalbain
(c) Macbeth
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- (c) Macbeth

2. Who among the following is NOT a Scottish noble who revolted against Macbeth
(a) Menteith
(b) Angus
(c) Caithness
(d) None of the above

Answer :- (d) None of the above

3. According to Angus, why do the soldiers of Macbeth obey him?
(a) Out of love for him
(b) Out of fear
(c) Out of a sense of duty
(d) All of the above.

Answer :- (b) Out of fear

4. How do the robes of a king fit Macbeth?
(a) Like robes of a giant stolen by a small thief
(b) Exactly like a king
(c) Exactly like a burglar
(d) None of the above.

Answer :- (a) Like robes of a giant stolen by a small thief

5. The imagery of clothing is used in the scene to depict which of the following?
(a) The status of Macbeth is lower than his predecessors
(b) The title of king is ill-fitted on Macbeth
(c) Macbeth enhances his brutality as clothes enhance personality
(d) None of the above.

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6. Who is referred to by Caithness as ‘the medicine of the sickly weal?
(a) Malcolm
(b) King Edward
(c) Old Siward
(d) Angus

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7. Lennox refers to whom among the following as the sovereign flower?
(a) Macduff
(b) Siward’s son
(c) Donalbain
(d) Malcolm

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Complete The Sentences :

1. Many Scottish nobles are joining hands with the English forces because each one of them wanted to take revenge as each one of them had suffered wrongs at the one of them had suffered wrongs at the hands of Macbeth.

2. Macbeth is portrayed as loosing control over his forces because they obey him out of fear and many e leaving him and going over to the side of the enemy.

3. The imagery of blood has been used because For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

4. Shakespeare has used the imagery of clothing because For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

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