ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 3 Scene 6

Welcome to our blog post ISC Macbeth Workbook Answers : Act 3, Scene 6 of William Shakespeare’s timeless masterpiece, “Macbeth.” As dedicated learners and educators, we recognize the importance of unraveling the nuances of Shakespearean literature, which is why we’ve curated this comprehensive guide specifically tailored to the ISC curriculum.

Within this blog, we’ll explore Act 3, Scene 6, utilizing the meticulously crafted workbook provided by Morning Star publishers. Our objective is to not only present multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and detailed answers but also to foster a deeper comprehension of the play’s themes, characters, and linguistic complexities.

While our responses are structured based on the workbook, we encourage students to use this resource as a springboard for their own exploration. Shakespeare’s works offer rich layers of interpretation, inviting individual analysis. Therefore, feel empowered to adapt and personalize our insights to suit your unique learning style and needs.

Whether you’re striving for academic excellence or simply eager to unravel the depths of “Macbeth,” join us on this enlightening journey through Act 3, Scene 6. Let’s embark on an adventure where Shakespeare’s words transcend time, captivating minds across generations.

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Workbook Summary :

This is again a chorus scene. The scene does not further the action of the play, but provides some useful information. The anonymous Lord in the scene represents the scottish nobles. The knowledge of Macbeth’s crimes is spread throughout Scotland.

Condition of Scotland

As the scene opens at Macbeth’s palace at Forres, we find Lennox in conversation with the Lord discussing the latest events in Scotland. Lennox is of the opinion that events seem to have taken place in a strange manner. He speaks cautiously of Macbeth’s actions with a touch of irony. Macbeth exhibited an external show of grief at the death of Duncan, but he did it only after the king was dead. After that, Banquo met with his death, under mysterious circumstances, as he was travelling at night.

Fleance fled from the scene after the murder of his father; he is accused of having killed his father. Malcolm and Donalbain were also charged with the murder of Duncan because they fled after Duncan’s assassination. Lennox says that men should be cautious when they are out at night, as they may fall victims in the hands of evil-doers.

Lord’s Report

Lennox hears from the Lord that Macduff has gone to the English court to request the king of England, on behalf of Malcolm, to support their cause. Macduff did not go to Macbeth’s coronation; and so Macbeth is angry with him. Macbeth has become a tyrant and revolt against him is brewing. His lords have begun to suspect him. The people of Scotland cannot eat and sleep in peace.

Hope of Peace

Lennox prays to the angels to fly to the English Court and deliver Macduff’s message to the holy King. He hopes that with the help of King Edward peace may return to Scotland. However, we see opposition to Macbeth’s tyranny is gaining momentum; and a force being assembled in England.

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Workbook MCQs :

1. Who is referred to as ‘My’ in the first line of this scene?
(a) Macduff
(b) Malcolm
(c) Lennox
(d) Siward

Answer :- (c) Lennox

2. According to Lennox, why was Macduff living in disgrace?
(a) He spoke plain truth
(b) He did not attend Macbeth’s banquet
(c) He supported Banquo
(d) Both (a) and (b)

Answer :- (b) He did not attend Macbeth’s banquet

3. From whom this tyrant holds the due of birth’. Identify Whom’ and ‘tyrant’.
(a) Malcolm by Macbeth
(b) Malcolm by Duncan
(c) Malcolm by Banquo
(d) None of the above

Answer :- (a) Malcolm by Macbeth

4. From whom has Macduff asked for help against Macbeth?
(a) King Edward
(b) Malcolm
(c) Donalbain
(d) Siward

Answer :- For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )

5. Hath so exasperate the king…’ who is referred to as the king in this line?
(a) Duncan
(b) Macbeth
(c) King Edward
(d) None of the above.

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6. The Lord, in this chorus scene, longs for
(a) meat on his table
(b) sleep to his might
(c) both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above

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Complete The Sentences :

  1. The Lord prays for help from England because he hopes for assistance against the tyrant Macbeth’s oppressive rule.
  2. The King is angry because For Full Answers Get The Workbook Answers PDF – View )
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