ICSE Total English Class 9 Solution : Chapter 1

ICSE Total English Class 9 Solutions : Chapter 1

Welcome to “ICSE Total English Class 9 Solution: Chapter 1,” where we provide comprehensive solutions to Chapter 1 from the Total English textbook by Morning Star. This essential resource for ICSE English Language students offers precise answers to all assignments and test papers included in the chapter. Each solution is crafted with 100% accuracy, ensuring students gain a clear understanding and excel in their studies. Whether you are navigating the ICSE syllabus or seeking thorough explanations, this post promises to be your reliable companion. Join us as we delve into Chapter 1, illuminating every aspect with detailed and accurate solutions.

Table of Contents

A . Direct & Indirect Speech

Assignment ( Page - 12 )

Change each of the following sentences into INDIRECT SPEECH.

A. Statements

1. I promised him: “I will never do it again.”

Answer :- I promised him that I would never do that again.

2. The newspapers say: “The President died yesterday.”

Answer :- The newspapers say that the president died the day before

3. He announced: “The show will go on.”

Answer :- He announced that the show would go on.

4. The television predicted: “It may rain tomorrow.”

Answer :- The television predicted that it might rain the following day.

5. The manager told us: “If you work overtime, you will get the bonus.”

Answer :- The manager told us that if we worked overtime we would get the bonus

B. Questions

1. The students asked: “Can’t we go with him?”

Answer :- The students asked whether they could go with him

2. The gardener asked me: “When shall I prune the roses?”

Answer :- The gardener asked me when he should prune the roses?

3. The police officer asked the students: “What would you have done, if I had not arrived in time?”

Answer :- The police officer asked the students what they would have done if he had not arrived in time.

4. John wondered: “Have they seen the document yet?”

Answer :- John wondered if they had seen the document yet

5. He said to us, “Are you going to school today?”

Answer :- He asked us whether we were going to school that day.

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C. Commands and Requests

1. The psychologist advised them: “Keep the child in a peaceful environment!”

Answer :- The psychologist advised them to keep the child in a peaceful environment.

2. They warned us: “Do not go near the flooded river!”

Answer :- They warned us not to go near the flooded river.

3. The police said: “Everyone must stay indoors.”

Answer :- The police ordered everyone to stay indoors.

4. The singer requested: “Everyone in the audience, sing along with me!”

Answer :- The singer requested everyone in the audience to sing along with him/her.

5. The speaker said: “Listen carefully to my lecture!”

Answer :- The speaker requested us/them to carefully listen to his/her lecture.

D. Exclamations and Wishes

1. The politician advised the citizens: “Vote only for my party!”

Answer :- The politician advised the citizens to only note for his/her party.

2. Father said to the son, “Harsh listen to what I say!”

Answer :- Father requested Harsh to listen to what he had to say.

3. My uncle said, “Alas! He should have followed my advise.”

Answer :- My uncle exclaimed with regret that he should have followed his (my uncle’s) advice.

4. Father said, “Thank God! The doctor has finally come to see you.”

Answer :- Father thanked God and exclaimed with relief that the doctor had finally come to see his child.

5. She said to me, “Thank you for the computer!”

Answer :- She gratefully thanked me for the computer.

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