The Model Millionaire Guide Book – ICSE Treasure Chest

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[ Bundle Of 5 Stories Class 9 ]

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[ Bundle Of 5 Stories Class 9 ]

Embark on an enriching literary journey with our specialized “The Model Millionaire Guide Book – ICSE Treasure Chest” designed exclusively for Class 9 English literature enthusiasts. Tailored to cater to the needs of ICSE students, this guidebook is your key to unlocking the nuances of the timeless tale


Book The Model Millionaire – Guide Book
Author Percentiler
Product Type Downloadable ( PDF )
Publishing Date 10-02-2024
Board   CISCE
Edition 2025
Number of Pages 65
Language English

📘 The Model Millionaire Summary : Our guidebook provides concise yet thorough summaries of “The Model Millionaire,” ensuring you grasp the storyline and thematic elements with ease. Perfect for quick revision and a solid foundation before examinations.

The Model Millionaire ICSE


🎨 The Model Millionaire Character Sketches: Immerse yourself in the world of Wilde’s characters with detailed and vivid sketches. Gain insights into the personalities, motivations, and roles of each character, enhancing your overall understanding of the story.


The Model Millionaire ICSE

📝 The Model Millionaire Long Question Answers: Dive deep into the narrative with extensive long question answers. Explore the layers of the story, understand character developments, and develop critical analysis skills – essential for excelling in examinations.

The Model Millionaire ICSE


📚 The Model Millionaire Reference to the Context Question and Answers: Unravel the subtleties of the text with our meticulously curated reference to the context questions and answers. Understand the significance of key passages and phrases, preparing you for nuanced exam questions.

The Model Millionaire ICSE

🔍The Model Millionaire MCQs & Practice Questions: Sharpen your skills through a variety of practice questions, including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Test your comprehension and analytical abilities, ensuring you are well-prepared for diverse examination formats.

The Model Millionaire ICSE

📖 ICSE Class 9 Treasure Chest Edition : Aligned with the ICSE Class 9 English literature curriculum, this guidebook is the perfect companion for students navigating the intricacies of “The Model Millionaire” as part of the Treasure Chest edition.

The Model Millionaire ICSE

Immerse yourself in the world of literature, enhance your academic performance, and conquer your exams with the “The Model Millionaire Guide Book – ICSE Treasure Chest.” Order your copy now and unlock the full potential of this classic literary masterpiece!


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