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Book  Tempest Ranker’s Book 2024 Edition
Author Percentiler
Product Type Downloadable ( PDF )
Publishing Date 10-04-2023
Board   CISCE
Edition 2024
Number of Pages 183
Language English


Introducing our latest book, the ultimate guide to crack the ISC English Literature Drama – ” Tempest ”  – “Ranker’s Book For ISC 2024 Students” . This book is an invaluable resource for all ISC 2024 Students who are looking to clear their Literature exam in a fast and efficient manner.

This book contains the most comprehensive and detailed collection of Act 3 , Act 4 , Act 5 , Epilogue With over 120+ Questions and Answers Which Include ( Previous Year Questions , Probable Questions For 2024 Exam, Lots of Sample Questions For You To Practice , 250+ MCQs Scene Wise , Complete The Sentences & Many More ) , it provides a thorough understanding of the exam pattern, question types, and answering techniques.



This Book Contains –

  1. ACT 3 , SCENE 1 Notes
  2. ACT 3 , SCENE 2 Notes
  3. ACT 3 , SCENE 3 Notes
  4. ACT 4 , SCENE 1 Notes
  5. ACT 5 , SCENE 1 Notes
  6. EPILOGUE Notes

” Tempest  – Ranker’s Book For ISC 2024 Students” contains 7 Unique & Special Things That Every ISC Students Need , But Are Not Available Easily & It Wasted A Lot Of Time Of Students In Gathering The Materials.

Our expert team of Teachers and Aluminis Of ISC Students have carefully curated this book, ensuring that it covers all the important topics and concepts in the Tempest Drama . Each Topic has been solved within the Board specified Norms , word limits, making it easy for students to read and remember . And Score Good.



It Contains The Necessary & Probable Questions For ISC 2024 Examination , Which Is Well Arranged & Organised .

Every Page Contains A Heading For Proper Awareness Of Students . This Book Also Have Structured Margins For Proper Alignation Of The Content .



The Book Contains More Than 250+ MCQs Which Are Divided Act Wise & Scene Wise For Proper Preparation Of Each Scenes. The Answers Of All MCQs Are Given At Last Altogether . So That Students Can Practice First & See Answers Later .



As Per The New Paper Pattern of CISCE , MCQs & Complete The Sentences Play A Vital Role In Scoring Good In English Literature Exam . So , To Help Students Practice Better , This Book Have A Bulk Of Complete The Sentences For The Students To Practice . And The Difficulty Level Is Hard & Challenging . You Also Get The Answers Of This At Last Altogether .



Tip – ”  Mentioning Quotes In Each Answers Helps In Uplifting Marks & Increase The Length Of Answers “

That Is Why This Book Have The Important Quotes From Each Acts & Scenes Along The Authors Of The Quotes . Reading The Quotes & Mentioning It In Your Answers Will Surely Help You To Increase Marks By 10 -15 % .



This Book Also Have Chapter Indications Before Each Chapter Begins , Helping In Creating No Confusion For Students To Read .

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive and reliable resource to prepare for your ISC Tempest Drama ,  look no further than “ISC Tempest Ranker’s Book 2024 Edition ”. Order your copy now and give yourself the best chance of acing the exam and achieving your academic goals!

124 reviews for Tempest Guide Book – ISC XII 2024 Edition (Ultimate Bundle)

  1. Palak

    I like the texts and contents , very good book and easy to read and understand. Must buy

  2. Sumesh

    Materials are in vast quality, nice book

  3. Ehiya

    Pleasant to read , unique contents , overall a good book in all terms

  4. Srijon

    Such a nice book for isc aspirants.so much details

  5. Sayan

    The best book I have got so far,must buy

  6. Santu

    It’s good to study from such a unique book.must buy

  7. Parina

    Usefull for knowledge and other purpose.must buy if you are a student

  8. Parina

    Wow. Very nice book.best one

  9. Kavya

    Many useful sources and different context

  10. Bhumika

    I can say it’s the best book of Tempest so far.more worth than 5 star rating

  11. Niharika

    Unique book.nice inside details

  12. Susmita

    Materials are handy and useful.must buy

  13. Nilesh

    Too good in terms of explanation.best book

  14. Shailesh

    Pretty sturdy and helpful book.good usage

  15. Mainak

    The book is very useful for isc students.must buy

  16. Roshni

    Such a meaningful book with indepth meanings, must check it out

  17. Subinoy

    Iconic book with different materials.should buy

  18. Roshni

    Such a splendid book with many meterials

  19. Ishita

    Nice and helpful to study from

  20. Sonu

    Simple and easy to understand

  21. Shivam

    Many different materials

  22. Keshav

    Satisfied with the quality.very good book

  23. Komal

    Gently printed ,nice and unique materials

  24. Vanshika

    Detailed theory and nice explanations, good book, must buy

  25. Poonam

    So helpful for my isc exams.very good book

  26. Debosmita

    Nice story and good book.

  27. Ajitabh

    Pretty useful and handy.must buy

  28. Abhik

    One of the best book in market

  29. Souvik

    Easy to comprehend for isc examinations

  30. Shoumik

    Many unique contents and materials

  31. Ankur

    Very good book, it’s very detailed and easy to understand

  32. Ankit

    Good book, overall context is useful

  33. Antara

    Nice book with so many meterials

  34. Ananya

    Such a helpful book for me.must buy

  35. Riya

    Usefull book for tution purpose..very detailed

  36. Mayan

    Good book , helped me a lot

  37. Rajesh

    Very good context.many materials.good book

  38. Madhu

    Good Quality context.

  39. Soni

    Nice chapter wise explanations.

  40. Olidiya

    Very very good book.must buy

  41. Ritvik

    Unique contents.and many different materials

  42. Priyali

    Nice explanations and many materials.

  43. Utkarsh

    Good quality materials.nice book

  44. Karan

    Ideal for isc students.

  45. Jairaj

    Really liked the overall context, must buy

  46. Shaurya

    Just a awesome book for reading . Go for it

  47. Saloni

    Such a good quality book of tempest

  48. Harshali

    Most Usefull for isc students.nice

  49. Diya

    Lots of nice contents. Must buy , good book

  50. Tejasvi

    Really liked the book

  51. Sneha

    I really liked the materials personal.must buy

  52. Rishikesh

    It has such explanation and meanings, overall a great book.

  53. Manish

    Nice book .easy to understand

  54. Angela

    Such a great book..it’s so easy for me to read and understand as an isc student. Go for it .

  55. Pooja

    Nice story. a good book

  56. Lahori

    Nice book with so depth explanation. Good for teachers

  57. Ayushi

    Awesome explanations..and good printing the contents are so well organised.best book

  58. Shrestha

    Nice book

  59. Sukriti

    Nice detailed materials .must buy

  60. Srijit

    Such a good quality book.with so much details

  61. Swastik

    Good enough for knowledge and other purpose.should check it out

  62. Alok

    Good quality materials

  63. Ajay

    Best book ,so far I have read.must buy

  64. Ayushman

    Nice book.pretty good and affordable

  65. Arka

    Good book.should check for once

  66. Surojit

    Best of isc aspirants.must check out

  67. Suraj

    Best in Market

  68. Sagen

    Pleasant to read, easy to understand,good book

  69. Dipanjan

    Such a good book . Totally worth it

  70. Ankesh

    Its an Affordable price and good book overall.

  71. Prakhar

    Best for exams and preparation for isc students.must buy

  72. Prachi

    As good as shown

  73. Mayur

    Easy to comprehend,good detailed book

  74. Manish

    Very helpful for my studies.must buy

  75. Mamta

    It’s good for knowledge basis. Fun to read too.

  76. Devika

    It’s good for isc.go for it.

  77. Simran

    Best book overall and easy to understand

  78. Priya

    Sooo good book easy to understand 😊 .must buy

  79. Muskan

    Unique and detailed book. Must buy

  80. Payel

    Many meterials.

  81. Subhash

    Pretty good book

  82. Piyush

    Awesome book

  83. Puneet

    Nice book with nice storyline

  84. Vikash

    Very detailed book.must buy

  85. Sahil

    Best for reading.good book

  86. Lalit

    helpful for isc students.

  87. Chinmoy

    Nice book.maybe one of the best in market.

  88. Kuntol

    Very useful

  89. Arjun

    Nice story. such a great book

  90. Tanmoy

    Best and Easy for students to read.

  91. Hardik

    So good and easy for students of isc

  92. Pratik

    Best book ever .

  93. Sumit

    Best book in market.must buy

  94. Sonal

    Unique contents .good and easy to understand

  95. Mrinmoy

    The contents are easy to comprehend . Good book

  96. Harsh

    Really enjoyed reading it,very good book

  97. Sougata

    Ideal for isc

  98. Anonymous

    Ideal for isc

  99. Dipayan

    One of the best choice for tempest

  100. Kunal

    So good to learn from

  101. Chandan

    Pretty nice

  102. Abhishek

    It’s was so Helpfull for my English

  103. Abhishek

    Helpful book

  104. Priyanshu

    Ideal for isc

  105. Aarav

    Good Book.

  106. Neha Singh

    The ISC Tempest Guide Book is a lifesaver! It includes detailed summaries, scene and act-wise breakdowns, and previous year questions with answers. The best part? It’s downloadable and printable!

  107. Wasim

    This guide book’s highlight is the well-arranged e-book format with chapter indications. Easy navigation makes studying a breeze!

  108. Tanmay

    The ISC Tempest Guide Book is shareable, making it perfect for group study sessions. It’s a must-have for ISC students.

  109. Vabyaaa

    The inclusion of word limits as per ISC guidelines is a huge advantage. It ensures you’re writing answers that score well.

  110. Lavya

    ISC Tempest Guide Book is like a personal tutor. The detailed summaries and chapter indications make studying efficient.

  111. Ruhaya

    Is book mein MCQs, practice questions, aur previous year questions bhi hain, saath hi saath unke answers bhi milte hain. Complete package hai!

  112. Akram Khan

    Is book mein previous year questions ke answers bhi hain, jo ki exam preparation ke liye goldmine hai.

  113. Hasmina

    Yeh book padhkar drama ke har character aur theme ko samajhna aur yaad rakhna aasaan ho gaya hai. Exam mein top performance ke liye perfect guide!

  114. Yasha

    The Tempest Guide Book has quotations to mention in each answer, which is a great aid in scoring well in exams. Very thoughtful addition! Unique

  115. Sujana

    ISC Tempest Guide Book mein sab kuch hai jo drama ko samajhne aur padhne mein madadgar hai. Scene-wise summaries toh bonus hai!

  116. Jasmin

    Yeh book ek ultimate bundle hai. Itne saare features ek hi jagah milte hain, aur previous year questions ka inclusion ek big plus point hai.

  117. Diljeet

    Let me tell you something !! I had bought make books from amazon and Flipkart about the tempest with 400 – 500 rs!! But none of them are comparable with this book. Really fabulous and value for money. Must buy suggestion.

  118. Farhan

    Buying this book with just 249rs for a good marks in english is justified. I was not sure that this book would be good or not but now i can clearly say – “This book is worth more than 249rs “

  119. Roneet

    Have been doing really great in my exams with this book.

  120. Sudhir

    Don’t think twice. Just grab the book as fast you can and start preparing. Writing this after scoring 91 in my half yearly school exams in english.

  121. Urvashi

    I didn’t know about the ultimate bundle before 🙁.
    I brought the single books of mcqs and practice questions and now I bought the ultimate bundle. Buying the ultimate bundle have lots of savings.

  122. Elina Tamang

    Is book mein answers ki word limit ISC ke guidelines ke according di gayi hai, jisse marks milne mein asaani hoti hai.

  123. Vitika

    Good book ! Detailed understanding with lots of questions such as mcqs,cts, practice and probable questions for 2024.

  124. Sanjay

    Helpful Book

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