ISC Rhapsody & Prism Workbook Answers : Class 11 ( Morning Star )

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Unlock the complete potential of your ISC English studies with the ISC Rhapsody and Prism Workbook Answers : Class 11 eBook. Crafted meticulously to cater to Class 11 students, this comprehensive guide from Morning Star Publications ensures you have all the resources needed to excel in your literature and language exams.


  • Detailed Solutions: This eBook provides exhaustive solutions to all the exercises in the Rhapsody and Prism workbooks. Each answer is crafted to offer a deep understanding and clear explanations, helping you grasp complex concepts with ease.
  • Chapter Summaries: Concise and insightful summaries of each chapter help you quickly review and recall essential details.
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): Test your knowledge with a range of MCQs designed to challenge and enhance your understanding of the text.
  • Short Question Answers: Precise and to-the-point answers to short questions ensure you can cover more ground efficiently.
  • Long Question Answers: In-depth answers to long questions provide comprehensive coverage of critical topics, aiding in thorough preparation.
  • Complete the Sentences: Exercises that reinforce your grasp on the material, ensuring you can remember and apply what you’ve learned.


The eBook encompasses solutions for a total of 10 chapters, including five thought-provoking poems and five captivating stories.


1. Abhisara: The Tryst: Dive into the nuances of this poetic exploration of a clandestine meeting.
2. Why I Like the Hospital: Understand the unique perspective and underlying themes presented by the poet.
3. Sonnet 116: Analyze one of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets, exploring the eternal nature of true love.
4. Death of the Naturalist: Unpack Seamus Heaney’s reflections on nature and the loss of innocence.
5. Strange Meeting: Delve into Wilfred Owen’s poignant war poem, rich with imagery and emotion.


1. The Living God: Examine the profound messages in this story that intertwines faith and human experience.
2. Advice to Youth: Interpret the satirical and instructional tone of this classic piece.
3. The Paper Menagerie: Explore themes of identity and cultural heritage in this award-winning story.
4. Thank You, Ma’am: Analyze the narrative of compassion and understanding in this heartwarming tale.
5. The Great Automatic Grammatizator: Discover the inventive and satirical exploration of technology’s impact on creativity in this intriguing story.

Why Choose This eBook?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Every aspect of the workbooks is covered, ensuring no question goes unanswered.
  • Ease of Use: Organized in a user-friendly manner, finding the information you need is quick and straightforward.
  • Educational Excellence: Developed by experts in the field, guaranteeing top-quality content that aligns with your curriculum.
  • Enhanced Learning: Not only provides answers but also enriches your knowledge and appreciation of literature.

Equip yourself with the ISC Rhapsody and Prism Workbook Answers Class 11 eBook and take a step closer to mastering your ISC English syllabus. Perfect for students aiming for excellence, this guide is your ultimate companion in achieving top marks and deep literary understanding.


5 Stories + 5 Poems [ Full Syllabus ], Only Prism [ 5 Story ], Only Rhapsody [ 5 Poems ]


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